go practically anywhere with your laser on wheels

QF-200 - QF-300

Rugged trolley for mobile cleaning applications. The 50-300W source ensures a deep, precise and effective cleaning.

QF 500 - QF-1000

Robust and transportable carriage with all components built-in. With its 500-1000W source, this machine has the highest cleaning speed. Designed for easy navigation in factory halls.


With 2000 optical pulsed power P-laser brings the biggest mobile laser on the market in the world for cleaning applications on shipyards, mining industry, glass molds and petrochemical industry. Equipped with all our safety items, a 100m fibre, and a cloud monitoring system this is the ultimate cleaning machine for the industrial user.

QF-500-1000 Low rider

This system has the same functionality as our trolley units but has a more straight forward work place design.The fibre and gun are locate on top of the unit to have a fast access. The system can be pushed on a industrial concrete floor.

Cleaning a plane with a QF1000 is possible..

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