'Laser marking' is the technique of marking products, materials or workpieces using laser technology.  We can mark in two ways: by removing material or by adding a darker layer (oxide layer) on a metal. Often a coloured aluminium anodised base substrate is used, With the laser we will remove the coloured layer. This is a rather simple process, but quality marking will depend on the laser beam quality to get a perfect focal spot stable in time. The other marking system consists in heating the surface in the right time frame to induce an oxide layer. This marking is used to mark stainless steel base materials. Can a cleaning laser also mark? No because we need a high quality laser beam. With the right optical components and software. P-laser Low power and Mid power lasers can mark and clean with a different setup.This is possible with a standard product. We also have related marking applications in the semi conductor industry to remove flash from production IC's

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