the biggest mobile laser on the market

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P-Laser's 2000 Watt laser cleaning machine


P-Laser's 2000 W machine is designed to completely optimize the industrial cleaning process. With a bigger amount of pulse power, QF-2000 can finish the cleaning job faster than ever!

The low-density beam of QF-2000 allows the most precise cleaning without affecting the base material. It is a perfect solution for mold cleaning where avoiding surface damage is essential.

Like all P-Laser systems, QF-2000 can remove almost any other kind of contamination, including grease, rust, and paint. It is well suited for industrial applications in aeronautics, shipyard, mining, petrochemical, and military industries.

Measurements: 1306x2771x1728

P-Laser's 2000 Watt laser cleaning machine


Despite the big size, QF-2000 remains a fully mobile machine

It is the first system with an integrated towing system and forklift pockets, which make it easy to transport and manoeuvre the machine anywhere you like. 

We can equip QF-2000 with a 50 m long fibre. With this fibre length, you can work around big steel structures and access hard-to-reach places.

Similar to our smaller models, QF-2000 is mounted on a robust set of wheels. The brakes prevent the system from moving around unintentionally.

P-Laser's 2000 Watt laser cleaning machine


In addition to the optimized LED laser status and the upgraded control panel, we integrated accessory compartments for customers' convenience. There is no more need to constantly look around for laser goggles, a lens cleaning set, I/O connectors, or other small accessories.

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