QF-500 - QF1000

high pulse power with large surface coverage

QF-500-2000 W


P-Laser's 500 W- 1000 W systems are truly state-of-the-art machines that combine high pulse power with large surface coverage. The laser is controlled by a 19" control unit. To cool the optical components during operation, water cooling is integrated. 

The series can be delivered in several configurations: a 500 W of a 1000W, They all work at the same pulse power, but the 1000 W delivers double the amount of energy of the 500 W to speed up the process. An air treatment unit is integrated to cool down the optic and avoid dust onto the lens.

QF-500 - QF-2000


The machine optic can be integrated into any production or assembly line. It is a robust and durable unit, but flexible enough to be installed on a robot. The Optics can be delivered with a cable length varying from 16m to 50m. 

QF-500 - QF-2000


P-Laser's QF-500 - QF-1000 models come in a stylish cabinet.

Fixed cabinet

When standing independently or integrated into a production or assembly line, the P-Laser metal cabinet effectively protects your 500-1000 W laser cleaning system. 

Cabinet measurements: 103cm x 80cm x 121cm (L x W x H)

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