LPC-100 Laserpack 

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LPC-100 Laserpack


Laser cleaning, with everything you need strapped to your back? The Laserpack LPC-100 makes that possible!

Coming in at 19 kg and measuring 500x294x600mm, it will be a solid competitor for years to come.

LPC-100 Laserpack


The LPC-100 is so portable, you'll take it anywhere. It has the same power, same results as the QFC-50/100, and is easy to maneuver in hard-to-reach places. 

LPC-100 Laserpack


With its interactive, state-of-the-art touch encoder, job selection has never been easier. As with every P-Laser system, 8 custom jobs can be selected with the rotative wheel on the encoder.

If you want to edit one of these jobs with our own software Cleansweep©, wireless connectivity and a tablet will be at your disposal. No more need for cables, we like to make your lives easier.

Other key features of the QF-Compact include a quick startup cycle of around 10s and very low maintenance requirements. You will only need to replace the dust filter once in a while. 

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