How does laser cleaning work?

The laser shoots bullets of infrared light to the contaminated surface, cleaning it of carbon, grime and oxides.

How laser cleaning works

  1. The laser shoots bullets of infrared light to the surface
  2. The contamination absorbs the light's energy
  3. The contamination heats up very quickly
  4. The substrate remains cool
  5. The difference in temparatures causes the contamination to 'shrink off' the surface
  6. The dirt can be vacuumed off
  7. Result: a clean surface that has not been damaged!
How does laser cleaning work

Laser cleaning as an alternative industrial cleaning method

Traditional industrial cleaning methods such as sand blasting, ice blastig and chemical cleaning do not meet the increased environmental standards. Laser cleaning doesn't damage the underlying surface, doesn't use any chemicals and doesn't create extra waste, making it a green and future-proof solution in industrial environments.

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