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In-house/On site cleaning, renting service

 We offer on-site and in-house cleaning services over the world.‚Äč
Anilox cleaning service

Service intern : we can clean your anilox rollers in 4 hours when you send them to our service cleaning department.Service external 1 : we can  clean your rollers at your production site.Service external 2 : you can rent the equipment and 1 day training to clean your production rollers with your own people.We ship the equipment in a rugged box over the world to be at your service.

 Parts cleaning / de-coating / de-rusting service 
Service intern: if you want to clean parts to recover, or special tasks we can do this in our cleaning department.

Service external: if you need a laser to do research/testing to optimize you production process you can rent the equipment.

 Marking parts service  

Service intern: we can mark your tooling or special medical tools with bar codes, text, pictures...

Service external: marking your equipment at your factory is possible.


Anilox cleaning service 

Anilox cleaning service 

Anilox cleaning service 

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